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Specialised Childcare for Children with Special Educational Needs 


We know every parents number one priority is their child and at Barton St David Preschool we endeavor to make sure this continues while your child is in our care. Through continuous observations we can monitor and support their ongoing development and address any concern that may arise during their time with us. Each Child will have a dedicated key worker who will record the child's progress and relay back to the child's parent/carer. During these discussions both parties can discuss any requirements the child may need and organise further support. All child records are safely secured and are only available to practitioners and other care professionals with prior permission.


Working with families and other professional agencies our aim is to ensure the best possible care and support for each child. Each preschool member attend regular training courses and our dedicated SENCO coordinators keep the team informed of all new regulations and guidelines regarding children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.


By Working as a team we will maintain the highest standards of care through a personal approach. We will try to accommodate any child to the best of our ability and expertise within our own team, however there may be occasions where we feel a child needs specialised support, the key worker may seek guidance from another professional or agency. This would be done with the parents/carers approval and the parent/carer would be updated regularly throughout this process. We can also facilitate any parent/carer wishing to discuss with a professional any concern they may have. Professionals would include health visitors, speech and language therapists, other setting, schools and our area SENCO coordinator,this would also happen during the transition to school. We organise regular visits to preschool from reception teachers and encourage further visits for families. We would provide further assistance for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, working closely with the family and school to make the move as easy as possible.


We believe our premises provide a stimulating environment for all children; we have a large open space playground, grass area, playroom with easily available resources and disabled facilities, we will try to adapt our environment to suit the needs of your child in the best way we can.


Our SENCO Coordinator Erica Dodge 




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